Training Drop-in Sessions

Training sessions can be arranged in a Group where there is a high demand or at strategic locations in the District for anyone to attend (see below).  Booking will be essential to ensure we have sufficient TAs available to meet the demand.   We can validate a couple of modules per person at these general sessions so unless demand is low and we have TAs available, it would be appreciated if learners could advise what their expectations are for validations, PLPs etc and we can make alternative arrangements if necessary.  We can also factor in additional drop in sessions if the demand is high.


11th Abingdon Scouts, All Saints Methodist Church (map)

15th Didcot HQ, Baden Powell Way, off Broadway (park at the Marlborough Club)

Date Venue (all at 19:30)  
Wed 6th April Abingdon PLP
Mon 11th April Abingdon Drop In
Mon 9th May 15th Didcot PLP
Wed 18th May 15th Didcot Drop In
Tues 7th June Abingdon Drop In
Mon 4th July 15th Didcot Drop In
Thurs 8th Sep Abingdon Drop In
Mon 3rd October 15th Didcot Drop In
Fri 11th Nov Abingdon Drop In
Wed 7th Dec 15th Didcot Drop In