Young Leaders

A Young Leader can be:

  1. An explorer scout
  2. A guide
  3. A DofE student 

A Young Leader helps the section leader plan and run the programme. You might start by running games and teaching simple skills, but you will progress to running evenings and even whole camps.

Your first decision will be whether to help at Beavers, Cubs or Scouts. Don’t worry if you haven’t made your mind up, your leader can help you decide.

Some Young Leaders also choose to go to another Explorer Unit as well as the Young Leaders Unit. All Young Leaders have to be a member of the Young Leaders unit even if they are just doing their DofE. 

Why be a Young Leader?

There are lots of benefits of being a Young Leader: it’s fun, it’s challenging and you will get to do some really rewarding activities.

It looks really good on your CV and is something that universities, colleges and employers are looking for.

It counts for the service part of your Duke of Edinburgh or Platinum / Diamond / Queens Scout Award.

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